General information

Date and venue

The majority of the preconferences will take place on the 30th of June 2019 at the Institute of Psychology (6 Ingardena Street in Krakow). Only the Meeting of the International Society for Self and Identity (which is also held outside the Institute of Psychology) will take place on June 29th. Please check the venue of your preconference below.  



At the Institute of Psychology, each room is equipped with a projector (with VGA and HDMI input) and speakers. Preconference organizers need to arrange laptops and projector adapters by themselves. 

Registrations and fees

Please see preconferences’ websites or contact their organizers to find a fee for a preconference you are interested in.



If you have a question about the particular preconference (e.g., fees, invoices, programme, special arrangements), please contact the organizers of the preconference. General inquiries can be directed to Gabriela Czarnek from a local organizing team at 

Please remember that EASP does not select preconferences, nor does it review or endorse any material presented at the preconferences. 


List of the preconferences 

Challenges and Future Directions in Gender and Diversity Research

Levke Henningsen:

Aife Hopkins-Doyle:

Maria Olsson:

Julian Anslinger:

Sabine Sczesny:



Venue: room 2.02, Institute of Psychology, 6 Ingardena Street

Group Processes and Intergroup Relations

Amber M. Gaffney:

David E. Rast, III:

Anna Stefaniak:



Venue: room 6.01, Institute of Psychology, 6 Ingardena Street


LGBTQI Studies

Jojanneke van der Toorn:

Maria Laura Bettinsoli:

Masi Noor: 

Paulina Górska:



Venue: room 1.04, Institute of Psychology, 6 Ingardena Street


Motivation Science

Catalina Kopetz:

Pontus Leander: 

Maximilian Agostini 

Jannis Kreienkamp



Venue: room 0.01-02, Institute of Psychology, 6 Ingardena Street


Meeting of the International Society for Self and Identity

Jennifer Bosson:

Tomasz Besta:

Magdalena Iwanowska:

Patrycja Ożarowska:



Venue: Hotel Polonia, 25 Basztowa Street


Rethinking and Acting with Refugees: Bridging between Science and Social Action

Yasin Koc:

Sindhuja Sankaran: 

Joel Anderson:

Emmanuele Politi:

Antoine Roblain:



Venue: room 2.04, Institute of Psychology, 6 Ingardena Street


Social Emotions as Regulators of Social Relations

Thomas Schubert:

Jens Lange:

Janis Zickfeld:



Venue: room 0.03, Institute of Psychology, 6 Ingardena Street


Psychology outside Academia: Perspectives from Researchers in Industry

Sean Murphy:

Caitlin McCurrie:



Venue: room TBA, Faculty of Philology, 3 Ingardena Street


The Psychology outside Academia preconference is currently looking for speakers who have had experience moving from academia to work in industry. This pre-conference will host talks and panels aimed at helping interested academics understand what it's like to leave academia and to work in industry settings doing applied research, data science, user experience research, market research and other work. Please get in touch with Sean Murphy ( if you are interested in presenting.
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