Go Green

Green is the new Black!


Here are some ways we can be more ‘green’ together:

  1. Use reusable bottles. As part of the conference welcome package you will receive reusable bottles. We highly recommend you use them and avoid plastic bottles. Besides, tap water in Krakow is perfectly safe to drink and very tasty!
  2. Use public transport. The conference venue is located in the city center and is well connected with other parts of the city. To look for the best routes and timetables of buses and trams, please visit https://jakdojade.pl or download the application ‘Jakdojade’ on your phones.
  3. Rent a bike. Krakow might not have as many cyclists as in Holland, however, the habit of biking is slowly getting automatised into our systems!  We have several bike rental places including the official city bikes. So, if you would like to exercise and try an alternative to buses or trams, do have a look at our official city bike company Wavelo (https://en.wavelo.pl/). It costs only 6 Euros to use the bike for the whole day! 
  4. Go to cafes with your own bottle / take away cup. There are many cafes, bars and restaurants that allow you to have a drink using your own bottle. Some of them are located close to the conference venue (e.g. Karma, Tektura, Kaboom, Organic Coffee & more, Papierowy kubek or Smaki roślinne). Moreover, if you fancy a take-away coffee to rush to those early morning sessions, be sure to bring your own take-away cup and many cafes will be happy to fill your cup with delicious coffee.
  5. Avoid printing programs. Please note that the entire program of the conference will be available in the mobile application. We would encourage you to limit the use of paper by not printing the program. 
  6. Limit meat consumption. The myth that Poland is only for meat-eaters can be neatly folded and thrown out of the window. In fact, Warsaw is considered to be one of the best vegan-friendly cities in Europe. Krakow is not far behind; take a look at the many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Krakow from the list provided. Please also consider choosing meatless options during the conference.
  7. Sort waste. In Poland, waste is sorted into 5 different categories. At the venue you will find special bins with symbols showing how to sort the rubbish. It might be in Polish, therefore we will provide you with translation for the text/symbols so that sorting becomes automatic. Think about it, you will know more Polish than just Dziekuje when you leave Poland!
  8. Consider coming by train. Kraków is well-connected with many European cities, such as Berlin, Budapest, and Vienna. Consider coming by train and enjoy the beautiful Polish landscapes!
  9. Say no to plastic straws. Drinking a cocktail with a straw is indeed fancy, but avoiding single-use plastic is even fancier. When you order a drink such as a lemonade at bars, restaurants or cafes please explicitly ask them to not bring you a straw. Imagine how many straws we won’t use during the conference!
  10. Use cloth/reusable bags. For those who are staying at AirBnbs and would like to do grocery shopping or those who like to just do some good ol’ fashioned shopping, please bring a cloth bag or any other form of a reusable bag. If you don’t have one, add ‘cloth bag’ to your list for shopping as the first item :)


Let’s make #easp2020krk more green and sustainable together!

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